‘Ey Up – Let’s Sup


 A uniquely light clean and refreshing beer brewed by Nuttycombe Brewery to raise a glass to the

UK’s hardest working comedy-folk band

The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican.

The band’s anarchic blend of music and comedy isn’t watered down and neither is this,

Nuttycombe’s first collaboration beer.

Brewed with Melon hops, it’s light, clean and refreshing,

and like brothers Scott, Bjorn and Alan, brimming with amped-up fruity flavour..floral, grassy and herbal

with strawberry, apricot, and a hint of pineapple too!

So good it’ll leave you screaming out for an encore.

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  1. Had first taste of nuttycombe beer,also first taste of doonicans. Found it very smooth with a pleasant on the palate and a very good after taiste. Enjoyed the all-round experience

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