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About Nuttycombe Brewing Ltd

Three iconic Brands with numerous Awards showcasing four decades of excellence

Choose Nuttycombe Brewing Ltd for an unrivalled beer experience and tap into our decades of brewing and pub trade knowledge. We’re committed to providing you with the ultimate choice in quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognised as a beacon of craftsmanship and innovation in the casked ale brewing industry, inspiring others to pursue their passions, explore the world of beer and celebrate the art of brewing.

Our Mission

At Nuttycombe Brewery, our mission is to craft exceptional beers that ignite the sense and elevate the craft beer experience based on heritage and tradition. We are passionate about brewing and strive to create a diverse range of high quality, innovative and flavourful beer that appeals to everyone.

The Nuttycombe Brewery Story


Cotleigh Brewery Heritage

In 1979, Cotleigh Brewery was established in Devon, finding its home in the former stable block of Cotleigh Farmhouse in Washfield, near Tiverton. Initially equipped with a five-barrel brewing plant, their first brew was Tawny, which quickly gained popularity and became one of the most beloved beers in the South West region. The remarkable triumph prompted Cotleigh to relocate to Wiveliscombe, a historic brewing town, where they continued their success story by crafting a range of award-winning beers. Sadly, in 2021, they ceased operations.
Following the closure of Cotleigh Brewery in 2021, a new chapter began with the launch of Nuttycombe Brewery Limited. With a careful and gradual approach, Nuttycombe Brewery is reintroducing the renowned award-winning beers that were once produced by Cotleigh under the 'Cotleigh Brand'. This transition does not only ensures the continuation of these beloved brews but also breathes new life into the legacy of quality and craftsmanship established by its predecessor.


Nuttycombe Brewery Ltd.

In 2021, Cotleigh Brewery closed its doors for the last time, Ross Nuttycombe, a renowned Publican, stepped in to preserve the brewery's heritage and reopened in May 2022 as Nuttycombe Brewery Ltd.
Nuttycombe made its debut with the release of Sovereign, a one-of-a-kind light ale that coincided with the late Queen's Platinum jubilee. This 'special brew' was crafted using the sovereign hop with a pale malt blend. The result was a refreshing, flavourful beer, 4.3% ABV.
Originally this was a limited-edition brew to showcase the brewery's commitment to quality and innovation in the brewing world!
In 2023, Nuttycombe experienced remarkable growth, showcasing its ability to reintroduce the renowned and much-loved beers from Cotleigh, while also expanding the range of the Nuttycombe brand. They have remained true to traditional recipes, but with a touch of their own innovation, resulting in an array of exceptionally flavourful and enjoyable tastes that leaves you wanting more.
Nuttycombe's success continues to soar as they consistently deliver unique and palate brews that captivate discerning beer enthusiasts.

2024 and Beyond

Nuttycombe Brewery Ambitious Plans for the Future!

Our Taproom Opened on February 2nd 2024 just in time for the 6 Nations.

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The History of RCH and Pitchfork Brewery

In its early days, RHC Brewery embarked on its brewing journey to serve the Royal Clarence Hotel in Burnham-on-Sea. Within two years, the brewery changed ownership, leading to the wider availability of its exceptional beers in the free trade market. The increasing popularity of RCH beers prompted a relocation to new premises in Western-Super-Mare, an old cider mill, that offered the space and facilities necessary to sustain their brewing operations.
In 2017, RCH Brewery's doors closed for the last time, but its spirit of brewing persevered with the launch of Pitchfork Brewery, carrying on the legacy. Pitchfork Brewery not only continued brewing RCH's beloved and highly sought-after beers such as Pitchfork Ale, Old Slug Porter, Santa Fe, and East Street Cream but also embarked on an exciting expansion of their delighting beer enthusiasts with an even broader range of exceptional brews to savour and enjoy.
Sadly, this legacy was short-lived, Pitchfork Brewery had to close its doors for the last time too, in March 2023.

However, Nuyttcombe Brewing Ltd stepped forward to rescue the much-loved brands, by acquiring the rights. Nuyttcombe Brewing Ltd took the initiative to rebrand them under the esteemed RCH brand. This development brings joy to beer enthusiasts, as they can already relish the familiar flavours of their beloved brews, such as Pitchfork and Old Slug Porter, once again. The continuation of these cherished beers under the RCH name and the anticipation of further launches, ensures that the legacy lives on, delivering satisfaction to loyal fans.

Exceptional Brewery with four decades of history

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Our Team

Meet The Nuttycombe Team

Get ready to meet the outstanding members of our brewing team! They bring together decades of invaluable expertise in both the brewing industry and the pub trade, fuelled by an unwavering passion for delivering top-notch quality, fostering innovation, and providing exceptional customer service.

Ross Nuttycombe

Owner & MD ( and the shorter one)

Ross Nuttycombe

Joel Hancock

Assistant Brewer (And Yes A Real Hancock)

Joel Hancock

Harvey the Cask Washer

Brewery assistant

Harvey the Cask Washer

Simon Brown

In Charge of Everything but Ross (and drives a big truck)

Simon Brown


Our Famous Aussie Sales Lady



No2 Dray (not actual size, Roger is bigger)


Shaun ????????

Very shy Head Brewer

Shaun ????????

Duncan Currie

No 1 Drayman and all round good guy

Duncan Currie

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