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Product information

The name Pitchfork comes from the Pitchfork Rebellion of 1685, the last battle to be fought on English soil during the Civil War.   

Brewing Notes

Pitchfork Ale is a golden bitter made with two traditional classic English hops with a floral aroma.  It has a hoppy predominate taste which is slightly sweet and fruity and leaves you wanting more. 


1998 &  2001 Great British Beer Festival Gold for Best Bitter Category

Product information

Old Slug Porter: A beer born from the old RCH brewery’s slug problem as it leaves a trail down the glass like a slug, the name stuck. 

Brewing Notes

Dark and velvety, this porter has roasted malt aromas and chocolate hints with an interplay of coffee-like bitterness and chocolatey sweetness.

Old Slug Porter captures the brewer’s ingenuity, turning an unexpected challenge into a remarkable beer. 


2003 Great British Beer Festival Bronze for Bottle-Conditioned Beers

eer Festival Bronze for Bitter category


Product information

East Street Cream was originally brewed to celebrate the 500th guest beer at the Dartmouth Inn in Newton Abbot, it quickly became a crowd favourite.  Named by a customer in a competition, this beer has since earned its place as a regular offering. 

Brewing Notes

This premium chestnut-coloured ale showcases a harmonious interplay between malty, hoppy, fruity, and bitter notes, all competing for dominance in a well-crafted and balanced brew. Its rich, sweet undertones add depth to the overall taste experience, enjoy the intriguing journey of flavours that East Street Cream offers in every sip.


2002 Great British Beer Festival Silver for Supreme Champion 

2003 Great British Beer Festival Gold for Strong Bitter


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